Preparing for Your Press Event

As you prepare for your local press event, we offer these suggestions:

  • Host your event on the same day as the national event (October 9) but NOT before. You will be more likely to get press coverage by leveraging the national press.
  • Review the “Key Talking Points ” link. These messages will be delivered to the national media. Tailor your messages for your area and repeat them consistently in all of your materials and interviews with the press.
  • Materials provided in the example press kit are for your optional use and should be tailored for your agency. Feel free to modify them to suit your needs.
  • Remember to maintain focus on your key messages in all materials that you provide to your local press.
  • Traffic Signals 101 is intended to be educational for the press. The press may or may not choose to use any of this information. This material is not the focus of the press event, but rather supplemental information for their background. Note that there are blank spaces in this document designed for local data about your traffic signal system.
  • The blank report card template is similar to the one that will be used for the national press event. It is provided for use with your agency’s score.
  • In developing your own press kit, we suggest that it include the following:
    • Agenda for the press event
    • Press release
    • One page report card with your agency’s scores
    • Short biographies of speakers
    • Traffic Signal 101 (must be modified with local information)
    • 2007 National Traffic Signal Report Card Executive Summary

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