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Improved traffic signals will help reduce congestion,
improve fuel efficiency

  • Local Delegate or State Senator, Mayor, Governor, etc.
  • Local expert on issue
  • Local Business Owner with Fleet
  • Local Commuter
What: Unveiling of a National Traffic Signal Report Card (from the National Transportation Operations Coalition "NTOC," with support from the Federal Highway Administration) that grades the nation's traffic signals in six key areas and overall.
Why: As more vehicles take to the highways, the level of attention and resources given to traffic signal operations has remained stagnant. NTOC seeks to raise awareness of the need for more resources in an effort to decrease congestion while improving air quality and fuel efficiency.
When: Tuesday, October 9, 9:30 a.m.
Where: (we suggest an intersection in your jurisdiction with a traffic signal)

Note to agencies: Consider providing all or some of the following:

  • Working signal at press event site
  • Engineers available and prepared for press interviews
  • B-roll (beta tape of footage of cars at intersections, etc.) A copy for duplication is available by calling Marianne Saglam, ITE Media Production Senior Director at 202-785-0060 ext. 123

Advise editors of what resources they can expect at the press event, such as what is shown below.

Attention Editors:

Great visuals of downtown traffic intersection; Working traffic signal placed on table available for CU or stand-ups; Engineering experts will also be on hand for interviews on several easy and low cost fixes to improve traffic signals; B-roll available.


Institute of Transportation Engineers

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

Federal Highway Administration

American Public Works Association IMSA Intelligent Transportation Society of America