ITE 2009 Annual Meeting and Exhibit Presentations

The ITE 2009 Annual Meeting and Exhibit took place August 9-12, 2009 in San Antonio, TX, USA. ITE reported daily highlights from the meeting to keep members who could not travel informed of the ideas being exchanged.


Session 2: Roundabouts: State of the Practice

Session 4: Innovations in Growth Management

Session 7: Pedestrian and Bicycle Design and Operations

Session 8: Safer Routes to School

Session 9: Product Showcase

Session 10: Green Technology in Transportation

Session 15: Transit Signal Priority

Session 17: Signing and Marking Strategies

Session 18: Using Crash Data in Transportation Safety Studies

Session 19: How Energy Costs are Driving Transportation System Decisions

Session 22: Innovative Design Strategies

Session 23: Road Departure Issues and Countermeasures II

Session 24: Climate Change and Transportation

Session 25: Active Traffic Management

Session 27: Technical Potpourri

Session 28: Advances in Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Safety

Session 29: Pay Me Now, Pay Me Later- Transportation Funding Innovation

Session 32: Innovative Street Systems

Session 33: Work Zone Safety Advancements

Session 35: Best Practices for Traffic Signal Operations and Maintenance

Session 37: Flashing Yellow Arrow for Left Turns---Why to Do It and How to Do It

Session 38: Road Assessment Programs: Europe and Beyond

Session 39: Integrated Corridors and Managed Lanes: Balancing Supply and Demand

Session 46: Transportation Demand Management Models

Session 48: Tools for Improving Signal Timing

Session 50: Trip Generation - Research Updates

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