Roundabout Standing Committee

Traffic Engineering Council

Executive Committee
Chair: Phil Rust, City of San Diego, San Diego, CA, USA
Vice Chair: Michael Mastaglio, Urban Engineers, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Elevating and Spreading our Collective Roundabout Knowledge
The ITE Roundabout Standing Committee has a diverse membership of over 60 people representing 26 states and 4 countries. This page is being updated on a continuing basis.

The goal of this Task Force is to provide products and services that advance the knowledge of roundabouts within the engineering profession and promote broader acceptance of roundabouts by the public. The Task Force will take a holistic view of roundabouts and will work to disseminate roundabout information and products to better serve the ITE membership at all levels. The Task Force will also strive to disseminate roundabout information in a timely manner.

Helping Public Officials Promote the Benefits of Roundabouts
The Task Force will serve as a forum for transportation practitioners to discuss design practices, considerations, and standards affecting the design of roundabouts and become a resource for and actively work with policy makers in the transportation industry to develop a better understanding of the benefits roundabouts can provide to the transportation network.

Bridging the Roundabout Education Gap
During the first Task Force meeting, EDUCATION stood out overwhelmingly as the greatest need our profession faces when it comes to roundabouts. Although EDUCATION was the overarching greatest need, the notion of who needs to be educated was widespread. Education is needed at all levels, for some agencies it is engineers, planners, policy makers, decision makers, and for others, it is council members, the general public, project and community stakeholders, maintenance and construction staff, and for some, it is everyone.

Initial Momentum
One of the first efforts of the task force was to our members to contribute the technical articles are included in this issue of the ITE Journal. We are extremely gratified that so many individuals have contributed to both the standard long-form articles and the news-related articles. This is a testament to the commitment of the individuals on the task force concerning everyday job-related technical engineering and policy-related issues concerning roundabout topics.

What’s next?
The Task Force is working on a Roundabout Outreach Toolbox that will be a series of one to four page briefings on a wide range of roundabout topics (i.e. design philosophy, dispelling myths, maintenance issues, capacity, pedestrians/bike, visually impaired, access management, etc.) The Task force also sponsored roundabout sessions at the ITE Technical Meeting in Phoenix, AZ in March 2009 and will be sponsoring sessions at the ITE Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX in August 2009. We are working on a number of other initiatives and consider our efforts to date an excellent start since we have only been in existence for less than one year.

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