Transportation Education Council

Careers in Transportation Education

The role played by transportation educators:

  • Combining technical expertise with good communication skills
  • Conducting research to answer questions that are important to society
  • Impacting society through the education and training of future transportation professionals

Transportation educators are employed as:

  • Educator teaching courses at a higher education institution
  • Educator teaching workshops and seminars to practitioners
  • Researcher investigating new knowledge in the transportation field

Skills and analytical expertise:

  • Broad understanding of the role of transportation in society and the interconnectivity of the transportation fields
  • In depth understanding and theoretical foundations for one or more areas of transportation
  • Ability to convey knowledge to wide audience

The type of projects that might be undertaken by transportation educators and their value to communities:

  • Developing workshops and seminars to train professionals on new transportation standards
  • Performing and managing research projects that create new transportation knowledge
  • Developing university curriculum to ensure properly educated transportation engineers

Potential employers in the public and private sector:

  • Educator at a four-year university
  • Work force development training at a large consulting firm or government agency

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