Transportation Systems Management & Operations

Today’s transportation professionals are responsible for building, maintaining and operating a transportation system that is safe, reliable and secure for our customers. 

Better operation of the highway network is the newest approach to confronting the transportation challenges of the 21st century. Congestion in urban areas, safety and unexpected delays in rural areas, and growing challenges of freight movement are compelling issues facing transportation professionals. Increasingly, cutting edge transportation agencies are focused on the performance of the transportation system as it impacts customers. That performance-based, customer-focused attitude characterizes the 21st century transportation organization. Technology innovations, such as intelligent transportation systems, give us new and better tools to make the most of the available roads and capacity.

The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is actively involved in developing and promoting the vision for future transportation agencies and future transportation professionals. These agencies and professionals will manage the performance of the transportation network to meet the needs of our customers. To this end, ITE identified “transportation system management and operation” as an Institute mega issue.

Achieving a vision for a 21st century transportation system encompasses technical skills, applying real-time, proactive management techniques in a variety of application areas, and changing our institutional arrangements to better serve the customers.


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