ITE 2016 Annual Meeting and Exhibt - Expanding our Horizons

Poster Sessions

Poster SessionsThere will be poster presentations corresponding to several of the concurrent sessions. These presentations will take place in the Exhibit Hall during the networking break following those sessions except on Wednesday, August 2 when the poster presentations will be held in the foyer adjacent to Registration.


Connected and Career Advancement

Automated Vehicles Opportunities and Challenges in Traffic Signal Operations and Infrastructure Deployment in the Era of Connected and Automated Vehicles

  • Husain M Abdul Aziz, Research Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN
  • Hong Wang, Laboratory Fellow, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA
  • Stanley Young, Research Scientist, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO
  • Joshua Sperling, Urban Futures and Energy-X Nexus Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO
  • Budhendra Bhaduri, Corporate Fellow, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

Planning for a World with Automated Vehicles

  • Stephen Buckley, Northeast Manager for Planning, Environment and Traffic, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, Philadelphia, PA

Disruptive Mobility Strategy – Adapting to New Mobility Options in a Regional Context

  • Sabeen Makki, Senior Transportation Policy and Planning Specialist, The Regional Municipality of York, Newmarket, ON

The Taxi of the Future: Implementing Automated Mobility-On-Demand Systems

  • Diana Marcela Díaz Castro, Civil Engineer, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

From Smart Cities to Wise Cities: Powering Models with Big Data

  • Shaleen Srivastava, Vice President (Traffic) North America, PTV Group, Arlington, VA

Helping Public Agencies Reach Their Goals through Research

  • Katherine Kortum, Senior Program Officer, Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC

Level 2 Automated Truck Platooning in Texas

  • Kevin Balke, Senior Research Engineer, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, College Station, TX

Leveraging mature and emerging mobility solutions to plan for multi-modal station access for Rapid Transit

  • Naren Garg, Advisor, Planning and Policy - Regional Express Rail Project Planning, Metrolinx, Toronto, ON

Through the Eyes of Automation

  • Gregory Driskell, President, Professional Pavement Products, Inc., Jacksonville, FL

Agency Implications of Connected and Automated Vehicles

  • Sam Morrissey, Associate Vice President, Iteris, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Is Possible With Real-Time Traffic Light Data?

  • Martin Drohmann, Senior Software Engineer, Connected Signals, Eugene, OR

Ambiguous Infrastructure:  When Signs and Markings Don’t Make Sense to People or Machines

  • Scott Kuznicki, President, Modern Traffic Consultants, Mercer Island, WA


Poster SessionsCareer Advancement

Developing Your Professional Artistry

  • Richard Beaubien, Managing Director, Beaubien Engineering, Troy, MI


Complete Streets

Emerging Policy for Site Roadways Open to Public Travel

  • Randy McCourt, President, DKS Associates, Portland, OR

The Power of $0.15 on Changing the User Behaviors of Taipei’s Public Bike System

  • Chih-Lin Chung, Professor, Tamkang University, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Wayfinding Signs in Australia

  • David Nash, Principal, Traffinity, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Bicycle Detection and Differentiation Using Inductive Loop Technology

  • Matt Zinn, Sales Manager, Reno A&E, Reno, NV

Evaluating a Pilot Separated Bike Lane Project on One of Toronto’s Main Streets

  • Jason Neudorf, Transportation Planner, WSP | MMM Group Ltd, Thornhill, ON

Separated Bike Lanes Design Concept Completes Main Street

  • Yung Koprowski, Project Manager, Lee Engineering, LLC, Phoenix, AZ

How do you solve the unsolvable problem? : Innovative Designs in Urban Areas

  • Christa Greene, Senior Traffic Engineer, Stantec, Raleigh, NC

When Adding a Lane Just Isn’t Enough...Alternative Design Solutions Along the NC 150 Corridor

  • Kellie Reep, Transportation Engineer, Stantec, Charlotte, NC

Valuing Place: Use of Accessibility in Virginia’s Smart Scale Prioritization System

  • Dan Hardy, Principal, Renaissance Planning Group, Arlington, VA

Active Transportation Culture Shift through a “Slow Ride” Bicycle Group

  • Adam Lynch, Traffic Engineer/Planner, HDR, Cincinnati, OH

Dealing with Emotion and Outrage to Build Complete Streets

  • Erin Russell, Partner, Russell Public Relations Inc., Calgary, AB

Connecting Three Communities with One Great Street: Lakeshore Connecting Communities

  • Tara Erwin, Senior Project Manager, HDR Inc., Richmond Hill, ON

Designing Great Streets – York Region’s Approach for Building Roads that Build Community

  • Tamas Hertel, Senior Transportation Specialist, The Regional Municipality of York, East Gwillimbury, ON

STEP FORWARD: A Strategic Plan for Improving Walking in Calgary

  • Ryan Vanderputten, Director, Transportation Planning, City of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Imagine Jasper Avenue - Edmonton’s Main Street

  • Rosie Jaswal, Project Engineer, City of Edmonton, Edmonton, AB

The Step After That: A First Year in the Life of Calgary’s STEP FORWARD pedestrian strategy

  • Jonathan Chapman, Programs Coordinator, City of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Evaluation of the Benefits of Rural Bicycle Climbing Lanes

  • Jeremy Chapman, Senior Traffic Engineer, American StructurePoint, Inc., Indianapolis, IN

Exploring Correlations Between Bicycle Infrastructure and Obesity Rates in American Cities

  • Ashley Kim, Student, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo, CA

Making Roundabouts and Channelized Turn Lanes Accessible – Using NCHRP Report 834 for Performance-Driven Assessment of intersection Accessibility

  • Bastian Schroeder, Principal Engineer, Kittelson and Associates, Wilmington, NC

Bicycle Culture by Design

  • Xavier Falconi, City Transportation Engineer, City of Delray Beach, Delray Beach, FL

FHWA’s Small Town and Rural Multimodal Networks Guide

  • Andrea Clinkscales, Senior Planner, Alta Planning + Design, Seattle, WA

Kitchener’s Vision for a More Sustainable Integrated and Friendly Transportation System

  • Barry Cronkite, Manager of Transportation Planning, City of Kitchener, Kitchener, ON
  • Danny Pimentel, Active Transportation Planning Project Manager, City of Kitchner, Kitchner, ON

Zebras and Elephant Feet – Oh my! Where Multi-Use Pathways Cross Roadways

  • Kate Whitfield, Senior Project Manager, Parsons Inc, Ottawa, ON

Causeway Street, Boston - The Evolution of a Complete Street

  • David Matton, Principal of Public Infrastructure, Howard Stein Hudson, Boston, MA


Poster SessionsFreight

Roundabout Truck Trial: Seeing is Believing

  • Marc Frutiger, Senior Project Engineer, R&M Consultants, Anchorage, AK

Pennsylvania’s Automated Permit Routing Analysis System (APRAS)

  • Robert Pento, Manager, Traffic Engineering & Permits Section, PA Department of Transportation, Harrisburg, PA

Quick Response Freight Manual Update

  • Representative from Renaissance Planning, Arlington, VA

Balancing Goods Movement and Livability with Roadway Design

  • Representative from Renaissance Planning, Arlington, VA


Smart Communities

Transport Smart in Congested Networks with Uncertainties

  • William H.K .Lam, Chair Professor and Head of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Creating Great Communities:  Transportation’s Role in Connecting People and Places

  • Judith Brooks, Community Benefits Specialist, MetroLinx, Toronto, ON

Making the Right Multimodal Connections to a Regional Transit Center

  • Donald, Samdahl, Principal, Fehr & Peers, Seattle, WA

North American Collaboration: How Transportation Analytics Teams Can Build Capacity with Open-Source Projects

  • Raphael Dumas, Research Analyst, City of Toronto, Toronto, ON

Smart Interventions: Using emerging datasets to evaluate causal impact

  • Aakash Harpalani, Research Analyst, City of Toronto, Toronto, ON

Edmonton Carsharing Strategy

  • Jeremy Finkleman, Transportation Planner, Urban Systems Ltd, Vancouver, BC


Traffic Signals

Overcoming Technical and Administrative Challenges to Successfully Implement Transit Signal Priority

  • Mark Yedlin, Director of Simulation Modeling Services, Greenman-Pedersen, Inc., New York, NY

Multimodal Traffic Signal Warrants and Signal Timings

  • Peter Martin, Multimodal Transportation Specialist, CDM Smith, San Francisco, CA

Planning Toronto’s Future through Simulation

  • Matthew Davis, Senior Transportation Planner, City of Toronto, Toronto, ON

Toward Continuous, 24/7 Traffic Operations Improvement

  • Steven Latoski, Public Works Director, Mohave County, Kingman, AZ

Zipper Merge Signage, Markings, and Geometric Design for Permanent Applications

  • Clayton Rudy, Transportation Engineer, Stantec Consulting Ltd., Toronto, ON

Mercer Street Advanced Traffic Management System

  • Band Sittikariya, Senior ITS Engineer, Seattle Department ofTransportation, Seattle, WA

Placing the Pedestrian and the Bicyclist at the Forefront of Traffic Signal Operations

  • Christopher Puglisi, Traffic Engineer, Jacobs, Atlanta, GA

Stop Widening Roadways. Think Capacity Expansion Instead

  • Wes Guckert, President and CEO, The Traffic Group, Inc, Baltimore, MD


Transportation System Management and Operations

Roundabouts, bicycles, and pedestrians - a pairing on par with fries, cheese curds, and gravy?

  • Alek Pochowski, Senior Engineer/Planner, Kittelson & Associates, Inc., Washington, DC

Roundabout Design for Pedestrians and Cyclists, Roundabout Design for Pedestrians and Cyclists

  • Phil Weber, Service Line Leader, Transport Planning & Traffic Engineering, GHD, Mississauga, ON

Roundabout Design including Rail in the USA

  • Bill Baranowski, Traffic Engineer, RoundaboutsUSA, Holladay, UT

Roundabout Connected Roadway Networks: How 100+ Roundabouts Are Benefiting the Community of Carmel, Indiana

  • Michael McBride, Vice President, American Structurepoint, Inc., Indianapolis, IN

Solving Complex Issues with Innovative Roundabout Applications

  • Mark Johnson, Principal Engineer, MTJ Roundabout Engineering, Madison, WI

How to Speak Roundabout

  • Joe Gustafson, Traffic Engineer, Washington County, Stillwater, MN

A Unique Application of Railroad Preemption with Queue Mitigation at a Roundabout Interchange

  • Hardik Shah, Director of Development, American Structurepoint, Inc.,Indianapolis, IN

Put an Optimization Idea to Actions to Improve Freeway Patrol Operations

  • Pei-Sung Lin, Program Director, Center for Urban Transportation Research,University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida

Four Years and Counting: Experience to Date in the Implementation of the Federal Lands Access Program

  • Lewis Grimm, Planning Team Leader, Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division, Federal Highway Administration, USDOT, Sterling, VA

Using Mobile LiDAR to Manage Roadway Assets

  • Mark Day, Director of Application Development, GPI, Toronto, ON

Innovative Muncipal Funding in Canada and the US

  • Bosco Tong, Senior Transportation Engineer, Strathcona County, Sherwood Park, AB

LED Street Lighting Planning – Best Practices

  • Dhruva Lahon, Project Manager, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Dallas, TX


Trip Generation

Urban Person Trip Generation Since 1970s - Data and Use Case in NYC

  • Lee-Jung Kim, Technical Director, AKRF,Inc., New York, NY

Using GPS-Derived Origin-Destination Data to Improve Traffic Studies

  • MichaelWahlstedt, TranSystems, Kansas City, MO

Does Traffic Management Really Reduce Emissions and Improve Air Quality?

  • Alexander Bigazzi, Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Connecting Cook County: A Call to Action

  • John Yonan, Superintendent, Cook County Department of Transportation Highways, Chicago, IL

Making the Comprehensive Planning Process Work

  • Alyssa Rodriguez, City Traffic Engineer, City of Henderson, Henderson, NV

More Science or Art – Transportation Accuracies for Data Tools Processes and Uses?

  • Bhanu Kala, Civil Engineer, CDM Smith, San Francisco, CA

Keeping People Moving during Transformative Change

  • Jeanne Acutanza, Kirkland, WA

How We Can Use Big Data to Improve the Reliability of People Movement

  • Aakash Harpalani, Research Analyst, City of Toronto, Toronto, ON

Wellington - The Role of Transport in Creating “The Coolest Little Low Carbon Capital”

  • Rehan Shaikh, Victoria University Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington

A Race to Reduce: A Primer to Minimizing Your Carbon Footprint

  • Chun Liang, Energy Manager, Sustainability, Planning and Policy,Metrolinx, Toronto, Ontario



Methods and Tools for Assessing Pedestrian Access to Transit: An Atlanta Case Study

  • Chelsea Dyess, Student, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA

Balancing Multi-modal Transportation Network Performance - A Case Study of VISSIM modelling for the Edmonton Valley Line LRT

  • Rishi Lukka, Transportation Engineer, Arup, Toronto, Ontario

Los Angeles’ Free Bus Transfer Experiment: An Evaluation

  • Nora Chin, Transportation Planning Associate II, City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Los Angeles, CA

Managing Climate Risks in Transit Operations and Planning

  • Quentin Chiotti, Senior Advisor, Resilience and Adaptation, Metrolinx, Toronto, ON

A Pipeline for Project Readiness: The Metrolinx Project Development Process

  • Devin Horne, Senior Advisor, Metrolinx, Toronto, ON

UBC Point-Grey Campus Bus Terminal and Covered Layover Facilities: Connecting Transit Users to the Heart of the Campus

  • Christephen Cheng, Senior Transportation Engineer, Bunt & Associates Engineering Ltd., Vancouver, BC

Metrolinx Transit Accessibility/Connectivity Toolkit

  • Christopher Livett, Transportation Planning Analyst, Metrolinx, Toronto, ON

Green Line LRT Connecting Visions: Multiple Account Evaluation in the Beltline Community

  • Dena Abakumov, Transportation Engineer, Stantec, Calgary, AB

From Commuters to Communities: integrated Service and New Station Planning for a Regional Rail Network

  • Hank Wang, Senior Planning Officer - Rail Network Planning, Metrolinx, Toronto, Ontario

Lessons learned in preparing a downtown area for a new
regional commuter rail system

  • Kevin Aguigui, Senior Systems Engineer, Kimley-Horn, Oakland, CA

Eglinton Crosstown LRT - Managing the disruption...

  • Jonathan Mang, Traffic and Transportation Lead-Field Services, 4Transit, Toronto, ON

Tommy Wong, Traffic Control Coordinator, 4Transit, Toronto, ON

  • Jeff Walker, Traffic Control Coordinator, 4Transit, Toronto, ON

Using Big Data to Analyze Bike/Pedestrian Activity: Learning from Sacramento Transit Station-Area Analysis

  • Eric Sundquist, Managing Director, State Smart Transportation Initiative,University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Analysis of Travellers’ Behaviour and Traffic Congestion in Public Transport System using Smart Card Data

  • Bo Du, Research Fellow, TUM-CREATE Singapore, Singapore


Vision Zero

Safety Impacts of Access Point Proximity to Freeway Ramps

  • Timothy Barrette, Graduate Research Assistant, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

2015-2016 Knox County, Tennessee Strategic Safety Plan

  • W. Hollis Loveday, Principal, CDM Smith, Knoxville, TN

Reducing Crashes at Roundabouts Through Partnerships

  • Brent Schlack, Assistant Director of Engineering, Washtenaw County Road Commission, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Developing Macro-Level Collision Prediction Models to Evaluate Bicycle Safety in the City of Vancouver

  • Bianca Popescu, Assistant Transportation Engineer, DKS Associates, Seattle, WA

Statewide Horizontal Curve Safety Project

  • Mir Wahed, Vice President, Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc., Newark, DE

CycleRAP: An Assessment Programme for Bicycle Infrastructure Safety

  • Ferry Smith, Director Public Affairs, Chairman of EuroRAP, Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB, The Hague, Netherlands

Using Video Data to Evaluate Pedestrian, Bicycle and
Vehicle Conflicts

  • Nancy Hui, MaSC candidate, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

The Impact of Marijuana Legalization on Traffic Safety in the
United States

  • Jaeyoung Lee, Safety Program Director / Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

Challenges in Constructing Safe Routes to School in a Dense Urban Environment – The San Francisco Chinatown Safe Routes To School Project

  • Philip Louie, Associate Engineer, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, San Francisco, CA

Iowa DOT Traffic Critical Project; Intelligent Work Zone Management

  • Cortney Falero, Engineer, SRF Consulting Group Inc, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Use of a Comparative Travel Time System as a New Work Zone Intelligent Transportation System Solution

  • John Habermann, Research Engineer, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Waco, TX

Examining Driver Behavior in the Vicinity of Pedestrians Using Onboard and Smartphone Video Log Images

  • Mohammad Jalayer, Research Associate, Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT), Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ